The National Bank of Pakistan in Kazakhstan welcomes you!
NBP is the biggest commercial bank in Pakistan with total assets exceeding 12 billion USD

Retail banking / Money transfers


JSC "Subsidiary Bank" National Bank of Pakistan "in Kazakhstan," using a network of correspondent banks, make transfers in U.S. dollars (USD) and euros (EUR) around the world. There are plans to also launch a translation in Russian Rubles (RUR).

Money transfers are made by the international S.W.I.F.T. system Today the SWIFT system is the most convenient, reliable and secure for payments between banks, no matter what country they are. This system allows you to transfer money anywhere in the world within 2-5 days.

In order to send money to another bank, you should:

  • Open a current account with JSC "Subsidiary Bank" National Bank of Pakistan "in Kazakhstan", visit any branch of the Bank. In some cases, you can send a money transfer without opening an account.
  • Know the details of the beneficiary:
    • Name, account number, beneficiary or the beneficiary's passport data, if no accounts (transfers to passport data are not made by all banks);
    • Beneficiary's bank name, city and country of its location, SWIFT-code of the Beneficiary Bank or another bank identification code of the Beneficiary.
  • Produce an identity document, and TIN.
  • Complete and submit an application for transfer of front-office employee of the Bank.
  • To deposit the required amount in view of the commission for the transfer.

MONEY TRANSFER WESTERN UNION is fast and reliable way to transfer money around the world.

Western Union transfers are urgent. Just a few minutes to the transfer can be obtained in any country where there are points of customer service system Western Union. Also today, you can send remittances and in Kazakhstan.

Western Union money transfers made ​​in U.S. dollars.

Advantages Western Union over other money transfer systems:

  • extensive network of services around the world and the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • no need to open a bank account or to the sender or recipient;
  • speed, reliability and simplicity;
  • opportunity to combine with a written translation of messages and notifications.

A unique security system reliably ensures that your money will be transferred quickly and only one to whom they are intended.

If sending remittance sender must:

  • Present a valid identity card or passport
  • Produce TIN - Tax Identification Number;
  • Know the name and surname of the recipient
  • Complete and sign the form of "sending money"
  • Make the appropriate amount

Upon receipt of the money transfer recipient must:

  • Present a valid identity card or passport;
  • Produce TIN - Tax Identification Number;
  • Know the name and surname of the sender, the expected amount, city and country of origin;
  • Complete and sign the form "Get Money";

Additional Services:

  • Notification by telephone;
  • Message (up to 20 words)


THE PAYMENT SYSTEM «INTERNATIONAL MONEY TRANSFERS LEADER», Moscow, Russia was founded in 2003, and now it is a dynamically developing company, millions all over the world have benefited from taking advantage of its payment and money transfers services.

LEADER is licensed by the Central Bank of Russia (License No 3304-Ê) to carry out banking operations in different foreign currencies (open bank accounts for legal entities and banks, make settlements and money transfers, purchase and sell foreign currencies, etc.).

For nine years of history LEADER has established partnership with more than 450 banks and financial companies in 132 countries, 110 000 locations and around 1700 service provider companies. Find agent location.

LEADER is permanently upgrading its technologies, expanding the assortment of services and enlarging its geography.

Following tariffs are active in the System LEADER from December 20, 2012.