The National Bank of Pakistan in Kazakhstan welcomes you!
NBP is the biggest commercial bank in Pakistan with total assets exceeding 12 billion USD

Corporate banking / Settlement and cash services

Settlement and cash services of legal entities is a range of services provided by the client (individual person conducting activities without forming a legal entity (sole proprietor), or legal entity) by a transferable and cash transactions.

Joint Stock Company "Subsidiary Bank" National Bank of Pakistan "in Kazakhstan," provides a list of services in settlements in tenge and foreign currency to its clients, including:

  • Opening / closing of bank current accounts;
  • Transfer operations in national and foreign currencies;
  • Cash operations;
  • Currency control;
  • Conversion operations;
  • Additional services.

Opening of bank current accounts:

Bank current accounts can be opened and maintained in tenge and foreign currencies.
Current accounts are opened to customers on the basis of a bank current account agreement between bank and client. To open an account customer must apply for opening an account and provide the necessary documents.

Transfer operations in national and foreign currency:

Remittances are made on the basis of the presented to the Bank specifying the sender of money on the basis of payment orders in tenge and statements on translation of foreign currency, under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Cash operations

The Bank provides underwriting services and delivery of cash, purchase / sale of currency, the exchange of cash, verification of authenticity of banknotes.

Currency control

The Bank carries out the functions of currency control agent when making international payments on foreign currency transactions based on the currency legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Currency control tasks:

  • monitoring compliance with the requirements of currency legislation of the RK in the operations as its own and on behalf of clients;
  • determination of compliance of foreign exchange transactions legislation of the RK;
  • check the validity of payments and the availability of the necessary documents to implement them (if necessary, the registration certificate, a certificate of notification);
  • check the completeness and objectivity of accounting and reporting of currency operations;
  • the monitoring of repatriation requirements on export-import contracts worth more than ten thousand dollars.

The Bank provides paid services on registration of passports of the transaction, provide certificates of cash flows under the contract, as well as free advice on the foreign exchange control previously requested by the client checks the contract and the additional agreements.

Conversion operations

Bank carries out operations of purchase / sale of cashless foreign currency in the optimum time. Customers can perform exchange operations on the most favorable rate for high volume after prior agreement with the Bank.
The operations are carried out by the currency conversion "day in day", or the next day.

Our bank provides additional services such as:

  • Delivery of statements every week;
  • Payment of payments by direct debit bank current account;
  • Distribution of claims-orders at the request of the client;
  • Facsimile services;
  • Preparation and printing of money orders at the request of the customer, etc.

Additional services can speed up customer service and improve customer service.

When closing a bank current account customer must write statement on the closure of accounts, indicating the reasons for closure. Closing the account shall be in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The client must pay the commission according to bank rates.