The National Bank of Pakistan in Kazakhstan welcomes you!
NBP is the biggest commercial bank in Pakistan with total assets exceeding 12 billion USD

Corporate banking / Letters of credit

JSC "SB " National Bank of Pakistan "in Kazakhstan," provides services to manufacturing on behalf of its clients' letters of credit under the direct cash collateral or the amount approved for the client's credit line.

Documentary letter of credit is this is an irrevocable obligation of the bank that issued the letter of credit to pay for the party in whose favor the letter of credit issued (the beneficiary), the amount of the submitted documents, the relevant stipulations of the Credit.

The advantages of using letters of credit:

For the Buyer:

  • Non-cash financing.
  • Payment on delivery / shipment of goods instead of payment.
  • Prompt and efficient support of your transaction.

For the Seller:

  • Guaranteed receipt of payment for the delivered / shipped goods (services rendered).
  • Expansion of the market (geography) sales.

As security for the produced contains a letter of credit may be:

  • Cash cover in any currency equivalent to 100% of the amount of the letters of credit. Clients pay only for the operating commissions of the Bank.
  • The next tranche of the credit line client. Clients pay the operating commissions of the Bank plus commission in accordance with current interest rates on credit line.
  • Collateral. As a collateral can be: real estate, equipment, money on deposit and others. Clients pay the operating commissions of the Bank plus commission for the risks, calculated and approved by individual and depends on the amount and liquidity of the collateral provided.
  • Mixed provision of the above options.

Obligatory condition for issuance of letter of credit is the presence of a current account opened with JSC "Subsidiary Bank" National Bank of Pakistan "in Kazakhstan."